Why use a template

As a developer, you are seeing this page and noticing that it looks like one of the templates on the GatsbyJS page. So you would be entirely correct. I have left the links at the footer of the site as to which is the starting point. As a developer and designer, this has been one of the hardest lessons to learn.

I always want to build everything from scratch because I can and think that I can bring a unique perspective that will make it awesome. However, in multiple projects started, I would tend to get sidetracked in things like the design elements or a new framework or technology that I heard about and would like to try for this project. As a result of that, most of these projects would never launch, and the idea would end up dying. It has taken a lot of experience to realize that the essential thing in a project, whether it be personal or professional, is to understand what the goal and what is the MVP (Minimal Viable Product). With this, it comes down to knowing what does it take to reach the goal of what you are trying to do. Once you have launched that first iteration of a product, it becomes easier to see how it does in the light and what is essential.

As for this page, my goals are to have a place where I can share the problems and solutions that I have encountered developing more complex web applications. While also learning about the true potential of gatsbyJS. As I work and change the template to fit my needs, I expect that to be posting about each of these updates. hopefully, in the course of this, I will answer some of the questions that other developers will encounter in their own experiences with GatsbyJS

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